bio&bio sales went up after rebranding


The total bio&bio sales went up 10 percent after rebranding. bio&bio also opened two new shops in Zagreb recently while the rebranding has been implemented in five more shops in Zagreb, Split and Osijek.

Brigada designed the largest bio&bio store


The new bio&bio store was opened on Zagreb’s Square of Eugen Kvaternik, inside Nama shopping mall, the first one in Zagreb after bio&bio’s rebranding and the largest one so far.

bio&bio_kvatric_2 bio&bio_kvatric_3

The store’s location inside Nama shopping mall effected its design. Brigada created an isolated “space inside the space”, emphasizing its urban atmosphere, very present in the collective consciousness. The existing flooring has been left as it was, the ceiling installations remained visible and the entrance was highlighted with a wooden portal.

bio&bio_kvatric_4 bio&bio_kvatric_5 bio&bio_kvatric_6 bio&bio_kvatric_7a bio&bio_kvatric_7b bio&bio_kvatric_8 bio&bio_kvatric_9 bio&bio_kvatric_10 bio&bio_kvatric_11 bio&bio_kvatric_12 bio&bio_kvatric_13 bio&bio_kvatric_14

Brigada / Damjan Geber (Creative Director), Ena Tadej (Architect), Dino Belamarić (Architect)

Brandoctor (Branding)

Bruketa&Žinić OM (Communication)

Biovega / Žana Hinek (Žana Hinek, Sales and Marketing Director and Board Member)

Domagoj Kunić (Photographer)

bio&bio 100% natural

bio&bio_plakati_caj bio&bio_plakati_jogurt bio&bio_plakati_kruska biobio

POS posters for bio&bio stores. Products in bio&bio stores are 100% natural and they are the first choice even for the nature itself.

Copy: Nature chooses nature.


Bruketa&Žinić OM / Siniša Waldinger (Creative Director), Nebojša Cvetković (Art Director), Zrinka Jugec (Account Director), Ivan Čepelak (Copywriter), Svjetlana Vukić (Account Manager), Radovan Radičević (DTP)

Dražen Novak (Copywriter)


bio&bio rebranding

bio&bio ivan bio&bio nada bio&bio dijana

Bio&bio rebranding was done in cooperation by Brandoctor brand consultants, Bruketa&Žinić OM advertising agency and Brigada spatial design agency.

bio&bio kozmetika dodaci

In positioning and communication strategy set up by the Brandoctor agency, the main comparative advantage brought forward was the bio&bio sales personnel who use their knowledge, kindness and their own example to encourage a positive organic change with their customers.

bio&bio napici

This is why Everyone has a story of their own offers an insight from which bio&bio communication is created.

Research and analysis made by the Brandoctor agency showed that people were insufficiently informed on how tasty, healthy and easy to prepare organic food is, which is why the general public should be made familiar with its story.


This part was the job of Bruketa&Žinić OM advertising agency offering creative solutions through communication channels, starring bio&bio sales personnel and their favourite organic products.

bio&bio voce i povrce 2 bio&bio zitarice bio&bio tjestenina

The implementation of rebranding at sales points was done by Brigada agency, whose aim was to increase shop efficiency by way of a new spatial identity and spatial organization. Attention was called to three key zones – cosmetics with food supplements, vegetable market and bakery.

Stitched Panorama

The main idea was to add a touch of the natural feel to all shop elements, together with all the imperfections of natural materials and minimal final processing, better product availability as well as info and counselling points.

bio&bio 22 bio&bio 18 Stitched Panorama

Brandoctor / Anja Bauer Minkara (Senior Brand Consultant, Copywriter), Petra Despot (Brand Consultant), Jelena Mezga (Brand Implementor)

Bruketa&Žinić OM / Davor Bruketa, Nikola Žinić, Dragan Lakićević (Creative Directors), Zrinka Jugec (Account Director), Nebojša Cvetković (Art Director), Ivan Čepelak, Lana Mujičić (Copywriters)

Saša Krivak (DTP)

Brigada / Damjan Geber (Creative Director), Simon Morasi Piperčić (Product Designer), Marina Brletić (Architect), Ivana Validžić (Market Research)

Biovega / Žana Hinek (Sales and marketing manager and Board Member)

Domagoj Blažević (Photographer)

Brokula&Ž for bio&bio, MSU, MFF


Former workers of the Kamensko factory are just about to finish sewing the first shipments of work aprons for bio&bio stores staff. This marks the beginning of a new business partnership between two Croatian companies oriented towards eco-business – Brokula&Ž clothing brand made of organically grown raw materials and bio&bio eco-products stores. Besides the bio&bio special edition, Brokula&Ž aprons are now part of the new permanent Brokula&Ž collection, available in bio&bio stores and Brokula&Ž flagship store in Teslina street, Zagreb.


“Bio&bio stores are guided by ecological and ethical principles so the collaboration with Brokula&Ž, with whom we share those principles, was a logical choice. We consider how it is very important to join forces with local partners who encourage sustainable economy, and we try to do so ourselves. The collaboration with Brokula&Ž is also special because of the personal preference of bio&bio staff for Brokula&Ž products, and Brokula&Ž staff who are loyal customers of bio&bio.”, said Žana Hinek, bio&bio Stores Manager and Biovega Sales and Marketing Manager.

“Collaboration with bio&bio stores is the extension of Lacuna’s experience in corporate clothing, Lacuna being the co-founder of Brokula&Ž.”, said Zoran Šainović, Brokula&Ž’s CEO.


This summer, Brokula&Ž are also starting their collaboration with Zagreb’s Museum of Contemporary Art by making an exclusive collection for their gift shop, as well as for Motovun Film Festival.


Brokula&Ž brand was launched last September by Bruketa and Žinić in partnership with Lacuna textile company. More about Brokula&Ž clothing here.




A space for consuming food and drinks inside shops has been a trend for a while now, a trend giving added value to retail space. City people are used to eat food they buy immediately, usually for breakfast or lunch.


bio&bio eco shops lately also incorporate a cafe in all their new shops which Brigada has planned as part of their retail concept during the rebranding.


In bio&bio shops, in Zagreb’s Octagon or Super Konzum Radnička for example, you can now eat your healthy sandwich, cake, vegan delights from Zrno eco estate, drink a freshly prepared superfood smoothie or organically grown coffee.


The cafe is always at the entrance, opening up to the street, attracting the passers by. As any other shop segment, like the bakery or the cosmetic department, this one is also differentiated with its design. For example dark and roughly trimmed wood and steel, subway tiles and lowered lighting were used. Credits for the spatial and functional organization of the space and counter design go to Brigada as well.

biobio_cafe_6 biobio_cafe_7 biobio_cafe_8 biobio_cafe_9 biobio_cafe_10 biobio_cafe_11 biobio_cafe_12 biobio_cafe_13


Brigada / Damjan Geber (Creative Director), Ena Tadej (Architekt, Project Manager), Dominik Cergna, Ana Herceg (Designers)

Domagoj Kunić (Photographer)