20 Jul 2023.
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Big brands deserve a big logo

Modernizing the packaging of Ki-Ki – a multigenerational household name – and visually separating the sub-brands

The story of Ki-Ki candies began in 1927 with a fruit chew cube that became a multigenerational household name in Croatia and neighbouring countries. Nowadays when consumers think of Ki-Ki candies, a majority of them have the fruit chews in mind, but the Ki-Ki umbrella brand includes three types of sweets – fruit chews (Ki-Ki), fruit chews with a soft heart (Ki-Ki Punioza) and stretchy candies (Ki-Ki Gumioza).

The task of Bruketa&Žinić&Grey Agency was to modernize the Ki-Ki packaging design in line with trends, making it more eye-catching, and to visually separate the three abovementioned types of candies.


Research revealed the iconic status of the Ki-Ki chew, a candy created in 1927 that became a multigenerational household name. One of the trends among consumers is nostalgia which makes 64% of parents choose the content and products evoking childhood memories. Fun is important to children. They pay attention to funny, colourful and playful content the most. Therefore it is no wonder that 83% of parents are looking for fun content that will bring a smile to their children’s faces.


The analysis suggested that Ki-Ki should maintain its iconic status, but also that new generations have some new expectations and new demands.

It was required to make clear segmentation in the following way:

1. Ki-Ki fruit chews, for older population. This group has an emotional, nostalgic connection with Ki-Ki. For them, Ki-Ki has the status of an iconic product.

2. Punioza and Gumioza candies, to address the needs of younger population. Young people are looking for fun and laughter and for characters they can identify with. For them, the clown – the previous brand character – no longer played the part.


Ki-Ki fruit chews

Ki-Ki fruit chews have a status of an iconic product, and they do not need the full logo to be recognized. That is why all the redundant parts were left out, and the resulting new design is based on the iconic, double syllabic logo. Big products need big logos, and in this case everybody knows what this is all about when they catch sight of the first syllable. Besides, sitting on the shelf, next to each other, they form an endless Ki-Ki sequence.

Ki-Ki Punioza and Ki-Ki Gumioza

The redesign of Punioza (fruit chews with a soft heart) and Gumioza (stretchy candies) moved away from the previous clown character, introducing new Ki-Ki monsters inspired by the faces children make when they try these sweets, which depend on the candy flavours.

Since both Punioza and Gumioza candies come in a multiple flavour combinations, the new packaging is more transparent making the flavours in the packaging easily identifiable.

The Ki-Ki packaging has retained its iconic bright colours on a neutral background, while Punioza and Gumioza candies have a more uniform design with identical typography to create a soft visual impression, just like the soft Ki-Ki candies, to maintain the link with the whole Ki-Ki product line.

sweet food/snacks
Project team
Nikša Farac - Marketing Director
Vedrana Janjić - Junior Brand Manager

Nikola Žinić - Chief Creative Officer
Maša Ivanov – Client Service Director
Davor Bruketa – Art Director for Ki-Ki fruit chews
Iva Pemper – Junior Art Director
Toni Buršić – Designer and Illustrator
Leopoldina Jovanovski – Senior Designer
Andrea Knapić – Art Director
Ana Krstić – Strategy Planner
Ivan Golubić - Senior Copywriter
Radovan Radičević – Head of DTP/Pre-press

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