26 Jun 2023.
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Frankly Good – Beauty of healthy habit

Branding and design for the product line by a Croatian pop star Franka

Croatian pop star Franka launched a line of cosmetics and skin care products, and hired us for branding, naming, visual identity, packaging design and the event organized for her product promotion in public.

The products are made from a combination of natural and lab-grown ingredients that are harmless to the skin and support its natural balance. Whilst growing up in Istria, among her family’s olive groves and vineyards, Franka early became aware of the benefits of olives, grapes, Istrian medicinal herbs and goat’s milk, which are the main ingredients of the products she co-created and personally tested, whilst using them on a daily basis.


The beauty industry trends are driven by minimalism, which also includes a clean beauty trend, i.e. products that only contain safe ingredients, both for people and the environment. Increasing attention is being paid to mental health and self-care, and the pandemic has further shifted the focus on skin care.

The target group analysis shows a decline of trust in businesses and the importance of transparency. Brands are expected to have long-term value, i.e. a high level of ethics and purpose. When it comes to beauty, Generation Z prefers to highlight and experiment so for them makeup is a means of expression and fun, whereas millennials prefer natural shades. Both generations associate beauty with skin care, self-confidence and authenticity.


Due to her public appearances, Franka often uses a lot of makeup, and she early learned the importance of regular cleansing and good skin care. She wants to leverage her public influence to share her experiences with others. At the same time, the beauty industry trends are focused on natural beauty and healthy skin. This led us to the brand positioning claim – beauty of good habit.

How does the brand put it into practice (brand promise)? By promoting the belief that innate beauty comes out through healthy habits, education about healthy eating and the importance of hydration, sleep and care for the body, complemented by regular use of products appropriate to skin types and age groups. By using harmless, effective and proven ingredients that are locally relevant and available in Istria and by caring for nature and environment that represent our sources of ingredients. By means of transparent and honest communication about the ingredients that are important, useful and good for us.

This led us to the brand manifesto summed up as – habulous (the combination of English words habit and fabulous).

This is a brand that promotes healthy daily habits by making positive changes in life. This is also an Istrian brand, which implies tradition, nature, but also people with attitude. This brand’s playfulness and energy stem from Franka’s personality, and are manifested through the appearance and methods of communication. The brand attributes are beneficial and frank, which is related to product ingredients, as well as enlightening, which is related to customer approach.

The resulting brand story runs as follows:

Beauty comes from within, but also from the outside. It comes from nature, but also from the lab. It comes from adaptability to the times in which we live and from habits that have remained unchanged over the centuries. We believe in products that are beneficial and good for us, wherever they may come from. We do not believe in myths of purely natural or organic, because we are aware of the disproportion of human appetites and the capacities that nature can provide us with.

We believe in natural and environmentally friendly products that we grow in Istria. Sometimes they do not suffice, and we need to supplement them with synthetic, lab-grown ingredients, which mimic natural compounds, and protect nature from their excessive, unsustainable production.

The education about what we take inside and put on our body makes us realize that natural is not always healthy, and that synthetic is not necessarily harmful. Therefore, we have taken only the good and beneficial from both worlds. As ambassadors of proven ingredients, we create skin care and decorative cosmetics that preserve the natural pH and skin barrier, but we cannot do it alone.

Every person should contribute to their own beauty habits known from long ago – good sleep, sufficient water intake, proper diet and workout. Our products cannot make anyone have more sleep, but we can be ardent advocates of good habits who will constantly remind others of them.


The name Frankly Good should be taken ad verbatim. Frankly is linked with Franka and cosmetics that is frank in terms of ingredients, production processes and intentions. It communicates a desire to influence customers, promoting a frank, filter- and filler-free look.

The slogan Beauty of good habit highlights the importance of healthy habits.

The names of skin care products are inspired by their main ingredients. The makeup butter cleanser is called Milky splash. The lip therapy is called Milky smoother. The names of lipglosses and lipsticks are inspired by their shades. For instance, the nude lipstick shades are called No Makeup Makeup and Fantin Latour, after a French painter known for his paintings of powder-colored roses in a vase. The red lipstick is called Poppy Field. The dark red lipstick is called Cherry, It’s Too Late. The pink lipsticks are called Dandy Lady and Sugar-Free, But Cute.

The main element of visual identity is a stylized icon inspired by the shape of the coat of arms as a symbol of the region and protection, distinctive according to product ingredients. In contrast to these modern shapes, the logotype is characterized by rounded, organic forms. The colors were selected to suit playfulness and energy as brand attributes.


digital communication
visual identity
Frankly Good
Project team
Frankly Good:
Franka Batelić (Founder)
Siniša Bevanda (Co-Founder and Manager)
Jasenka Tudor (Art & Styling Executive)

Nikola Žinić (Chief Creative Officer)
Maša Ivanov (Client Service Director and Project Manager)
Petra Peršić Blažičko (Account Manager)
Leopoldina Jovanovski (Senior Designer)
Andrea Knapić (Art Director)
Martina Tupek (Copywriter)
Željka Zrnić (brand strategy, verbal Identity, brand implementation supervisor)
Ana Krstić (communication strategy)
Vesna Đurašin (Production Manager)
Anja Pečovnik (Videoproduction Manager)
Iva Marenić (Digital Designer)
Radovan Radičević (Head of DTP/Pre-press)
Željka Tročak (DTP Operator)
Sara Grepo (Social Media Team Leader)
Lucia Matić (Social Media Manager)
Tomislav Zeljko (Head of Brand Experience and Events)
Dino Udović (Senior Account Executive)
Print: Markek and Cerovski
Foto and video: Ivana Dobrovoljec & Srećko Rundić
PR: Komunikacijski laboratorij


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