12 Dec 2022.
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Hidde – furniture with unexpected hidden layers of experience

Brand strategy and visual identity

Hidde is a new luxury furniture brand from Istria, Croatia.


The current surveys suggest that the definition of luxury, albeit continuing to reflect trust, quality, attention to detail and a kind of exclusivity, is more and more experience-oriented. Also, the values fostered by brands are considered increasingly important by consumers.

The interviews with target audience representatives indicate their aspirations to buy furniture that reflects their personality. In terms of competitors, the communication analysis shows their focus on quality, technological innovation and design, and no other special benefits put forward by communication.

Designer furniture trends are centered on the use of natural materials, simplicity and low environmental impact.


The target audience’s lifestyle somehow demands interesting, yet at the same time functional and comfortable designer pieces.


The brand’s opportunity is to offer the consumers furniture with an interesting story which, apart from being a topic to spark conversation, also plays a role of functional art in their home.

Its role is to provide additional experience on top of functionality and design since this is what a modern definition of luxury requires.

That is where the brand story comes from, and goes like this:

We believe that the best things are hidden in unexpected places.

Passion, commitment, precision and genuine love for beauty, they all come from hidden places inside of us. We put together our craft tradition and the precision of technological innovation to create superior aesthetic experiences. We test the old and the new modes of operation, paying attention to every single detail. Every material. Every inch.

We do not make pieces of furniture, we create works of art. Every piece contains a hidden component waiting to be discovered. Therefore, find room for timeless furniture that will add beauty into your space.

We are HIDDE, a home of exceptional functional art made to last.


The name of the brand is HIDDE, which comes from a pun on the English word “hidden” (i.e. concealed). That is why every piece in the collection contains a hidden component. Hidden at first glance is the quality that is longevity of this furniture made manually by skilled European craftsmen. The logotype is inspired by delineations of the interior layout plan.

visual identity
Project team
Internova / Antea and Matej Carić (Project Managers)

Bruketa&Žinić&Grey / Davor Bruketa (Creative Director), Vanja Činić (Creative Director and Copywriter), Valentina Bugarin (Account Director), Ana Krstić (Strategic Planner), Ivana Momčilović (Art Director), Matej Vučković (Senior Designer), Luka Klarić (Account Executive), Jelena Mihelčić (PR Consultant)

Photography: Marko Mihaljević
Styling: Studio Sedam

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