04 Nov 2022.
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Conference with a good vibe

Branding “Raise the Bar Coca-Cola HBC Adria Conference”

The “Raise the Bar Conference” organized by Coca-Cola HBC Adria was held in September at Kaptol Boutique Cinema in Zagreb, and agency Bruketa&Žinić&Grey was tasked with its branding.

The conference is a part of the “Raise the Bar” platform aimed at raising the catering workforce quality. It is an annual gathering of Coca-Cola’s catering customers, partners and experts, the purpose of which is to present the latest local and global catering trends and innovations.

The task was to visually enhance the conference and reinforce it production- and communication-wise.

The agency was inspired by a recognizable Coca-Cola bottle, its shape that can be identified by touch in complete darkness, as well as by the aim of the “Raise the Bar Conference” which was to improve the quality, and spread knowledge and good energy in the surroundings. The agency combined the shape of the bottle with the pulsating, contagious energy spreading in all directions creating good vibrations.  

Coca-Cola HBC Adria / Marko Pećnik (Premium Spirits Ambassador), Kruno Rozić (Premium Spirits Marketing Manager), Andrea Veselčić (Corporate Affairs & Sustainability Specialist), Damir Cindrić (Channel Marketing Manager – Out of Home Croatia), Filip Verbanac (Coffee & Premium Spirits Business Director), Filip Grljević (Channel Marketing Manager – Out of Home Slovenia), Nina Profaca (Talent Development Manager), Tomislav Košutić (Coffee Asset Expert), Matej Kostić (Premium Spirits Ambassador), Bruna Božinović (Talent Acquisition Partner), Alen Bišćan (Sales Team Lead)

Bruketa&Žinić&Grey / Davor Bruketa (Creative Director), Ivana Momčilović (Art Director), Konrad Kropf (Designer), Maša Ivanov and Valentina Bugarin (Account Directors), Erna Golubić (Account Manager)

Poster (Animations)

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