06 May 2022.

Cromaris “skin” pack wins Silver Graphis Award

An esteemed NYC publisher awards design that enables customers to check product freshness, quality and origin at the point of sale

The design of innovative Cromaris skin folia has won a Silver Award in the “Graphis Packaging” International Competition, ranking Cromaris neck and neck with successful global brands such as PepsiCo, Moët Hennessy, Xbox and Mars Wrigley. Graphis is an esteemed NYC publisher with a tradition dating back to 1944 that publishes and awards work from international talents in the fields of Design, Advertising, Photography and Illustration every year.

The award-winning design of the innovative Cromaris skin packaging helps customers to check Cromaris product freshness, quality and origin at the point of sale. Customers can buy fish of exceptional quality – sea bass, sea bream and meagre – filleted and deboned, in innovative, wrinkle-free packaging that preserves the product freshness, color and integrity and enables customers to look&feel the product at the point of sale. The QR code on the wrapping takes customers for a virtual fish farm tour to assure them that every Cromaris fish is raised in excellent farming conditions.

“Cromaris skin packed products are special because they represent an equal direct marketing medium,” Ivan Leko, Cromaris CEO, stated.

Enosophia wine packaging has also been awarded in the same competition. Both projects have thus earned their listing both in the Graphis Repository that features more than 150 thousand award-winning projects from all over the world, and in the Graphis Yearbook, a highly coveted collector’s item, scheduled to come out in August.

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