28 Sep 2020.

Bruketa&Žinić&Grey BalCannes Best Agency

BalCannes is a review of advertising agencies from all countries in the so-called Balkans region

BalCannes is a review of advertising agencies from all countries in the so-called Balkans region

During the BalCannes review held online this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic Bruketa&Žinić&Grey Agency was declared the BalCannes Best Agency that is the best agency in the region.

The title of the best BalCannes Agency was awarded on account of the five projects shortlisted among the Top 25. According to the BalCannes rules, the ranking allows maximum three projects by the same agency so only the three following projects remained on the list: “Ostani u svojoj gajbi” (“Stick to Your Crate”) for Karlovačko pivo/Heineken Croatia, “Najefikasniji način da održiš socijalnu distancu” (“The Most Efficient Way to Keep Social Distance”) for Podravka Beans and “Tko pije, taj plaća“ (“Drinkers Pay Their Way”) for the Croatian Institute of Public Health.

“Some of the award-winning projects were an agile response to the extraordinary pandemic times making Karlovačko pivo and Podravka achieve positive results because of their adequate reaction to the current situation,” Davor Bruketa said.

“The other award-winning projects prove that successful ads look nothing like the traditional ads but represent appealing contents, no matter if they are brand new products or befit the popular available formats the target audience likes and follows,” Nikola Žinić added.

The ad “Ostani u svojoj gajbi” (“Stick to Your Crate”) for Karlovačko pivo was made during the lockdown when it was impossible to organize any real life filming. That is why the agency adapted one of the previous ads to send the message to consumers that they should reduce the amount of physical contact to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The micro-campaign for Podravka Beans with the message “The Most Efficient Way to Keep Social Distance” relied on the billboard photo montage posted by the agency on the FB page Meanwhile in Croatia during the lockdown with the aim of making people laugh and prompting them to interact, which went viral in a short while.

The campaign “Tko pije, taj plaća” (“Drinkers Pay Their Way”), made in collaboration with the Croatian Institute of Public Health and high-school band Bonar, aimed to raise public awareness of youth drinking problem, but also left a trace on the corresponding legislative framework. In place of the traditional campaign, this project hacked the popular Nova TV’s Croatia’s Got Talent (“Supertalent”) Show.

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