15 Jul 2020.

With Maistra and Radgonske gorice Bruketa&Žinić&Grey win two Red Dot Awards – the world’s most sought-after design quality seal

Award-winning projects: Grand Hotel Park Rovinj Brand Design and Untouched by Light Sparkling Wine Packaging Design

The Red Dot Award is the world’s most sought-after design quality label. The Red Dot seal has been awarded for 65 years hitherto, and design quality of Red Dot winners, as pointed out on the organizers’ website, distinguishes their products from their competitors in the market.

The Grand Park Hotel Rovinj brand design was made in collaboration with Maistra. It is created from sketches and notes made by hotel guests. Instead of another screen, every hotel room features a notebook and a Polaroid camera. With a pocket-size notebook, the hotel sends you off to explore Rovinj, to lose and find yourself there – as these days it is the ultimate luxury.

Mindfully guided outside the hotel and exposed to lesser known local narratives, the guests co-create the identity by keeping their memories in a travelogue. The small notebook becomes the focal point of interaction in time and space, allowing the place identity to become personal and repetitively recreated.


Untouched by Light was created in cooperation with Radgonske gorice. It is the first sparkling wine in the world produced, sold and tasted in pitch darkness. When exposed to daylight, the wine loses it aroma quality. That is why Untouched by Light is produced in complete absence of light.

The night harvest, bottle rotation and packing are all done with night vision goggles. Once out of the cave, the wine is protected inside a black bottle, wrapped into a light-proof and airtight vacuum bag.

To date Bruketa&Žinić&Grey have won 21 Red Dot Awards in total.

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