14 Jan 2020.
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A luxurious oasis with the most spectacular view of Rovinj

The Grand Park Hotel Rovinj is the best luxury hotel in Croatia and the largest individual tourist investment by Adris Grupa. The hotel was architecturally designed by 3LHD, its interior design was made by Piero Lissoni (Lissoni Associati), whereas Bruketa&Žinić&Grey Agency was tasked with its brand identity.

The specificity of this hotel is its one-of-a-kind view over the town visible from virtually any room. The hotel opens up to and blends in with its surrounding beckoning visitors to immerse themselves in and enjoy the surroundings to the fullest. The team from Bruketa&Žinić&Grey Agency, spurred by this idea, created the brand identity of the hotel relying on the interaction between the guest and the town.

The key point of the concept is a travelogue every guest receives together with an instant Polaroid camera as an incentive to make a record of their experiences of Rovinj, because in today’s digital world, a physical memory has been reinstated and has become somewhat exclusive. The identity assumes the role of a catalyst, telling stories about Rovinj, and inspiring guests to introspect and keep a log of their own stories and experiences.

The menu of Cap Aureo, the main signature restaurant, follows suit. It is designed as a small voluminous book with a noticeably wide band-like page divider. Its pages are half-empty and replaceable, allowing guests to fill them out and sketch their impressions.

The approach, inviting guests to engage and share their own impressions about the destination, is here applied for the first time with illustrators whose works constitute the hotel’s visual identity. While working on the project, all illustrators spent some time in Rovinj to create their experiences of the town.

Together with Piero Lissoni’s Studio and 3LHD, Bruketa&Žinić&Grey Agency invited renowned Croatian authors Hana Tintor, Klara Rusan, Danijel Srdarev and Marko Tadić to cooperate on this project. Their illustrations are on the walls of hotel rooms, and the reproductions can be spotted on many other hotel promotional items. As a result, the hotel’s identity is integrated into the identity of Rovinj, in a similar way in which the hotel is integrated into the landscape of Rovinj.

In keeping with the underlying architectural idea of the hotel, the overall branding of the hotel is discreet and discernible only as needed, e.g. at the main entrance. Instead, the communication is carried out by the verbal identity built from local stories and legends also used as the inspiration for naming some segments of the hotel: Viva Eufemia, Laurel&Berry, Cap Aurea, Cissa, Bitinada, Primi Terreni.

Every name of the bar, restaurant and part of the interior hides a story the main actors of which are travellers, seafarers, saints, factory workers or fictional characters, associated with the town. The stories or their fragments can be found at different places in the hotel, in its rooms and travelogue, on the first pages of the restaurant menu and wine list, as well as the glass signage.

There are many glass walls in the hotel unveiling a plethora of views of Rovinj. In place of applying graphics and the logotype as warning signs on glass surfaces, this hotel features verbal and audio associations discreetly merged with the frame offering the view over the town.

Befitting the interactive aspect, the preference was given to physical, tactile experiences i.e. textures generated by 3D, foil printing, embossing and similar techniques. In effect, there are no colors in printing apart from the colors of materials, the shades of brown, grey and blue, matching the colors of the interior i.e. the surrounding the hotel is nested in.

The materials used include wood, visible as wooden cylinders or menu spines in hotel bars. Besides wood, there are leather and textured fabrics of outstanding tactile qualities, used for menu and booklet binding. The paper has strong haptic properties as well, and some paper is even watertight.

The logotype is typographic, and equally to signage, uses the Replica typeface of the Swiss Studio Lineto. It is characterized by beautiful structure with finely engraved details. The narrative segment uses the serif-type Amalia typeface designed by Nikola Đurek evocative of a literary text.

The Grand Hotel Park Rovinj was included by Wallpaper* Magazine in the global shortlist of best urban hotels in 2019.


Maistra / David Flam (Marketing Director), Peter Lösch (Director, Maistra Collection Hotels), Andrej Ružić (Executive Assistant Manager), Tihomir Nikolaš (Development Director GPHR), Marin Šimunović (Director Hotel Adriatic), Luka Sinković (Graphic Design Associate), Romana Podić (Executive Housekeeper), Vlatka Folo (Collection Brand Marketing Specialist), Lovorka Struna (Hotel Lone & Hotel Monte Mulini Director), Jeffrey James Vella (Culinary Director), Gregory Ugrin (Wellness Project Consultant)

Bruketa&Žinić&Grey / Mirna Ptiček (Art Director), Davor Bruketa (Creative Director), Maša Ivanov (Client Service Director), Zrinka Požar (Account Manager), Vesna Đurašin (Production Manager), Radovan Radičević (Head of DTP/Pre-press), Eman Ahel (Designer), Dora Kasun (Designer), Siniša Waldinger (Creative Director), Dragan Lakičević (Copywriter), Nebojša Cvetković (Art Director), Sanja Gumhalter (Account Manager), Ante Kantor (Account Executive), Danko Đurašin, Željka Tročak (DTP Operators)

Collaborators: Mia Marić (Art Director), Predrag Marković, Krunoslav Franetić, Leopoldina Jovanovski (Designers)

Illustrators: Hana Tintor, Danijel Srdarev, Klara Rusan, Marko Tadić

Printing: Cerovski Print Boutique, Grafing, Fini print

Photographer – visual identity: Domagoj Kunić

Photographer – architecture: Jure Živković

Architecture: 3LHD

Interior Design: Lissoni Architettura – Piero Lissoni


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