13 Nov 2018.
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An athlete captured in motion

Visual identity of Planet Sport TV Channels

Many planetarily known sports can be found on Planet Sport, a group of TV channels in need of a name and visual identity. It is a package of five channels offered in the Croatian market by A1. Every sport has its allocated slot, and only here in Croatia you can watch all Champions League fixtures.

A common denominator of all sports is a body in motion, which is precisely what Planet Sport visual identity is based on. If features a pictogram of an athlete captured in motion typical of a given sport as each and every sport has its own pictogram. Typographically, the identity is designed in Eurosoft typeface. The basic logotype colour is deep blue, but it can be easily adapted and made sports-sensitive.

Bruketa&Žinić&Grey / Petar Popović (Art Director), Đorđe Janković and Davor Bruketa (Creative Directors), Barbara Bušić (Account Executive), Vanja Luetić i Martina Tupek (Copywriters)

Planet sport / Lordan Kondić, Saša Sušec, Vedran Hrgović

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Planet Sport

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