14 Apr 2018.

Bruketa&Žinić&Grey – Agency of the Year

8 projects awarded for ideas that push the borders

On Saturday during the Days of Communication in Roving the IdejaX Awards have been given for the most original ideas that are unique and push the borders. Bruketa&Žinić&Grey has been declared the Agency of the Year for the tenth time and has won five silvers and three bronzes.

The most successful campaigns were (Agri)culture is Worth Investing in for Karlovačko pivo and Up For Grabs for Vip winning silver for video commercials and bronze for an integrated campaign respectively.

The title (Agri)culture is Worth Investing in has a dual meaning: one the one hand, it refers to Karlovačko pivo continuously investing in buying Croatian barley as an agricultural crop, and on the other hand, it depicts men who have evidently invested in their culture and become respectable members of the society.:)

#upforgrabs campaign successfully made the Vipme brand relevant to the millennials who accepted it as a part of their sub-culture. Instead of using unappealing classic commercials the millennials never watch, the trip hop group Hight5 made a song about the digital everyday life that soon became an underground and online hit.

The video commercial We Believe in Goodness for the brand of dry-cured meat of the Dobro Company has won silver, as well as the billboard ad Applause for Mosquitos for the Theatre Exit Summer Nights and the catalogue Mix it up for Igepa. The ads You Never Know What Life Brings for the Croatian Health Insurance Fund have won bronze.

Mix it Up also won a Special Recognition for Design and Up For Grabs won a Special Recognition for Art Direction.

During the same festival, the Agency won two Effie Awards for Marketing Effectiveness and two MIXX Awards for Digital Marketing.


Photography: PIXSELL / Luka Stanzl

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