07 Feb 2018.
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Culture is Worth Investing In

Karlovačko beer campaign

The assignment was to emphasize the fact that Karlovačko beer uses 100-percent Croatian barley, not the imported one. The idea came about from the fact that barley is a cultured crop, and culture in itself is not often the theme of beer campaigns. So this is a campaign about the only culture Croats enjoy on a daily basis.

The word culture has opened up a broad playing field with the existing phrases that use the word, and the video ads star typical beer consumers in a bit different roles, as good and passionate experts in culture.

The campaign title, Culture is Worth Investing In, bears a double meaning: it speaks of Karlovačko beer as a long-term investor in Croatian barley as a cultured crop, while showing men who have obviously invested in their cultural knowledge and became respected members of society :)


HEINEKEN Hrvatska / Filip Rabuzin (Marketing Director), Andrea Mišura Žuvela (Group Brand Manager), Nina Gračanin (Brand Manager), Tamara Podnar (Junior Brand Manager)

Bruketa&Žinić&Grey / Siniša Waldinger, Ivo Payer (Creative Directors), Valentina Bugarin (Account Director), Ivan Tanić (Strategic Planning Director), Tea Silvia Vlahović (Strategic Planner), Vanja Činić and Nikola Slamić (Copywriters), Tanja Pružek Šimpović (Art Director), Ana Krstić (Account Executive), Tomislav Šestak (Designer), Josip Buzov (Junior Strategic Planner)

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