29 Nov 2017.
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The Capital of Global Nomads

Astana Brand Strategy

A former Soviet republic with nomadic culture, Kazakhstan has transformed itself into an independent and fast developing country rich in natural resources. In the middle of the Great Steppe, merely 20 years ago, Kazakhstan established its new capital Astana (which means “the capital city” in Kazakh), a jaw-dropping city with remarkable, futuristic architecture.

In collaboration with the Zagreb-based Office of Horwath HTL Croatia, working on Astana’s Tourism Development Strategy for the past 7 years, Bruketa&Žinić&Grey have created a new brand strategy for the city.

For the next few decades Kazakhstan has set several ambitious, strategic goals for the development of the country and of Astana as its showcase with the aim of turning Astana into a business, financial and cultural centre of the Eurasian/Central Asian region and positioning it as one of the most innovative cities in the near future.

After an in-depth analysis of the history of Kazakhstan, the agency recognized its inspirational culture coupled with the long and turbulent past. Nevertheless, the preliminary global perception test showed that in spite of being the 9th biggest country in the world, Kazakhstan (and Astana) has almost no perception and no brand value in the international markets.

The agency’s task was to create a brand strategy with the key message that Astana is the youngest capital city in the world and to present Astana as an innovative centre reflecting Kazakhstan’s long and fascinating history.

The brand essence of the Capital of Global Nomads thus sits right on the line between the Kazakh nomadic past and innovative future.

Kazakhstan has a long tradition of the nomadic way of life characterized by generous hospitality, freedom and tolerance. On the flip side, the nomadic lifestyle, virtually completely abandoned in Central Asia, has become a global trend in the Western world.

Globalisation has transformed city dwellers into cosmopolites or global nomads. The concept of global nomads is strongly linked with the notions of travelling and personal growth, job seeking or working in innovative industries appealing to the so-called creative class (entrepreneurs, engineers, physicians, scientists and artists).

With the development of new technologies, more and more people are turning out to be cultural, digital and global nomads. Astana is working on becoming a capital that will provide opportunities for experiencing, working or living to every person who considers himself/herself a global nomad or a citizen of the world.

Bruketa&Žinić&Grey / Davor Bruketa (Creative Director), Ivanka Mabić Gagić (Head of International Business)
Željka Zrnić (Brand Consultant)

Horwath HTL / Siniša Topalović (Head of Tourism Development Strategy), Emanuel Tutek (Strategic Marketing Planner), Andrej Šimatić (Operational Marketing Strategist), Iva Rašica (Consultant), Nika Ružić (Junior Consultant)


Horwath HTL

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