24 Nov 2017.
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Fruits in boots

Marica’s Juice redesign

The well-known boots from the previous Marica’s Juices packaging got a well-deserved sequel. In the new chapter of this warm family story, lovely boots find their new owners – eco fruit!

Besides their fancy boots, apple, pair, plum and their sweet friends have a character. Each one is different and special and that’s why each packaging is decorated with a different fruit. Fruits in boots are natural, fresh and healthy – just as Marica’s Juices.

Eco fruits want Marica’s Juices to be healthy and juicy. That’s why they give their best and more. They easily begin a conversation with Marica, always have an advice ready and know a joke or two. And they are not sorry to be squeezed. Because they know, when juices are concerned, Marica is never wrong.


Bruketa&Žinić&Grey / Miran Tomičić (Creative Director), Jimbo Bernaus (Art Director and Illustrator)

Vedran Klemens (Illustrator)

This project was launched in 2016


non-alcoholic drinks
OPG Marica Jug

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