11 Oct 2017.
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We did EVERYTHING we could!

New communication platform for Vipnet

New communication platform for Vipnet promotes the tariff portfolio EVERYTHING (SVE) and defines the creative format of the campaigns to follow

Switch off boring

Throughout Croatia, billboards with different messages have been circulating for some time, using SVE (everything) as an inspiration for creativity. There were some interesting attempts – from the song Bacila je SVE niz rijeku (She threw it EVERYTHING down the river), to Dobro je SVE (EVERYTHING’s fine) – and finally the real slogan of Vip was revealed: EVERYTHING is in your hands.


I don’t have EVERYTHING together


Give EVERYTHING you can

Billboard placed on a bridge. Copy: She threw EVERYTHING down the river (a popular song).

Switch on control

The goal of the slogan EVERYTHING in your hands is to remind people that they have control over technology and digital tools. They don’t serve just for entertainment. In order to make the most of it, we have to try to find the best purpose for technology.

By using the switch on/off form, campaign provides users with examples that are socially relevant and current, and motivates them and shows how they can make an impact using technology.

The TV ad takes an attractive approach to dealing with stories that emotionally touch us and which are close to us, such as the achievements of Rimac (the fastest electric car producer from Croatia), the united fans, and the emigration of young people to other EU countries.

And as Vip’s offer is completely convergent and includes tv + net + mob + tel, so this campaign for Vip is fully integrated and includes all communication channels, not just the OOH and TV.

Copy: EVERYTHING is in your hands

EVERYTHING is in our hands!

Đorđe Janković, Creative Director explains: “So many things, both beautiful and ugly, happen at any given moment. With the help of technology and the Internet, we become witnesses of all events and the question naturally arises – will we do something about it or not?

Through the campaign, we are dealing with socially relevant and current examples: blazing fires, school violence, youth leaving abroad, banning of freedoms, imposed morality, successes and failures in sports. Digital tools help us to express our views on everything that surrounds us and to initiate changes. All is in our hands.”



Vipnet / Lordan Kondić (Marketing Director), Marija Jakeljić (Brand and Marketing Communications Director), Vedran Hrgović (Campaign Coordinator), Željka Mojzeš (Campaign Expert), Mila Perović (Digital Media and Communications Planning Specialist), Liliana Božić (Media Strategy Principal, Media Planning)

Bruketa&Žinić&Grey / Davor Bruketa (Creative Director), Ivan Čepelak (Creative Director), Đorđe Janković (Junior Creative Director), Roberta Kranjec (Account Director), Ivana Momčilović (Art Director), Martina Brnić (Account Manager), Ante Kantor (Account Executive), Stipe Bačić (Digital Account Executive), Josipa Pipunić (Account Assistant), Martina Tupek, Ivan Pavičić (Copywriters), Alen Lipuš (Designer), Radovan Radičević (Head of DTP), Željka Tročak, Danko Đurašin, Saša Rehtaček (DTP Operators)
Miran Vučenović (Designer)

Švenk produkcija / Blaž Švent (Director), Nina Petrović (Producer)

Croatia film /  Suzana Kijuk (Video Production)

Degordian (Online Production)

OMD Media (Media Agency)



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