10 May 2017.

Hope wins a D&AD Pencil

A pencil that “writes” the highest creative achievement

The book “Nada” (Hope in English), created and made by Bruketa&Žinić OM, together with Adris, for the Adris Foundation’s tenth anniversary, won a D&AD Wood Pencil in London. D&AD is one of the most respected international awards in design and advertising, awarded by the British organization of the same name, while also being the biggest British award of its kind.

The D&AD pencil is internationally recognized as a symbol of the highest creative achievement and Bruketa&Žinić OM are the only winners from Croatia this year.


The Adris Foundation has helped hundreds of projects in Croatia. Gathered in one place, in the book “Nada” (nada means hope in Croatian), they give hope that Croatia has a future. The book is sensitive to touch. The more it is used, the more hope there is. Twenty-four top Croatian illustrators contributed to the book by displaying each of the twenty-four biggest projects in the fields of science, education and creativity that have been supported by the Adris Foundation.

Among other winners at this year’s 55th D&AD competitions are the video ad We’re the superhumans for Channel4 for the 2016 Paralympic Games, The Swedish Number campaign for the Swedish Tourist Association, Give the Rainbow campaign for Skittles sweets, and brands such as New York Times, Audi, Nike, Airbnb, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Samsung, Twitter, Google, UN, UNICEF, the Berlin Philharmonic, Adidas, Apple, Amnesty International, National Geographic, and others.

Some of the D&AD judges were: Margaret Keene, who is the author of Apple’s iconic “Think different” campaign; Tiffany Rolfe, who was named one of the “Women to watch” by Advertising Age; Alessandra Lariu, a member of the 2012 League of Extraordinary Women and the Most Creative People community by Fast Company; and Fabio Fernandes, one of the 100 best communication and marketing managers in the world according to Ad Age Global.

The team that worked on the project consisted of Davor Bruketa, Maša Ivanov, Zrinka Požar, Miran Tomičić, Vesna Đurašin, Radovan Radičević and Danko Đurašin from Bruketa&Žinić OM, joined by Predrag Grubić, Kristina Miljavac, Lidija Gedike and Marica Kožarec from Adris Group, and Božo Skoko.

The illustators whose works are in the book are: Anita Celić – Cella, Nebojša Cvetković, Iva Čurić, Helena Janečić, Luka Juras, Tea Jurišić, Klarxy, Vedran Klemens, Slaven Kosanović – Lunar, Alen Lipuš, Tonka Lujanac, Srđana Modrinić – BooBoo, Filip Peraić, Imelda Ramović, Davor Rukovanjski, Danijel Srdarev, Tomislav Šestak, Davor Šunk, Igor Taritaš, Hana Tintor, Tomislav Torjanac, Vendi Vernić, Dominik Vuković i Ana Žaja Petrak.

Video: Komakino
Photo: Domagoj Kunić

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