05 Oct 2016.
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Banking mornings of poetry

Addiko bank campaign in several countries

Addiko Bank advocates for clear, simple and straightforward banking, therefore its communication needs to be clear and understandable to everyone. Although the banking terms are like poetry to bankers, they are incomprehensible for the majority of people.

The campaign started with teaser ads featuring typical banking jargon, and asked the public if they have an ear for banking poetry. In response, people even wrote their own banking poetry on the Facebook page “Mornings of banking poetry”.

In the reveal phase some of the incomprehensible terms were explained and the slogan was introduced in the form of an easily understandable mathematical formula.


Prophet (brand strategy, naming, visual identity and logo)

Bruketa&Žinić OM (communication) / Siniša Waldinger, Davor Bruketa (Creative Directors), Ivanka Mabić Gagić (Account Director), Ivan Tanić, Tea Silvia Vlahović (Strategic Planners), Ivana Momčilović (Art Director), Mario Radošević, Martina Tupek (Copywriters), Jelena Babić (Account Manager), Sandra Grković (Account Manager), Dragana Ileš (Designer), Eliza Ragač (Account Executive), Adela Dulan (Account Executive), Jasna Manzoni (Digital Account Manager & Strategist), Marko Matejčić (Digital Strategist)
Sonja Šurbatović, Mia Marić (Art Directors, Designers)
Karla Andrić (Social Media Manager)

Addiko bank Management / Ulrich Kissing (Group CEO), Razvan Munteanu (CMO – Retail, Group), Csongor Nemeth (Chief Corporate & SME Banking Officer (CCBO))

Addiko bank Croatia / Mario Žižek (CEO Croatia), Maja Čulig (Group Marketinga Director), Iva Ančić (Senior Marketing Officer), Katarina Kantolić (Senior Marketing Officer), Iva Krhlanko Cvetko (Retail Product Management and CRM Director), Igor Vukasović (Group Corporate Communications Manager), Vinka Kralj (Digital Channels Development Adviser), Jasna Dakić

Addiko bank Serbia / Nevena Petrović Đorđević (Senior Officer for Marketing), Jelena Radosavljević (Senior Officer in Marketing Team), Vedran Ivanković (Senior officer for Corporate Communications)

Addiko bank Montenegro / Mina Vojinović (Head of Marketing)

Addiko bank Bosnia and Herzegovina / Marija Panić (Hypo bank Bosnia and Herzegovina Marketing Manager), Iskra Kratzl (Marketing Specialist), Radomir Milošević (Corporate Communications Manager), Nenad Badnjar, Ana Jurković

Addiko bank Slovenia / Nataša Crnković (Public Relations), Mojca Prešeren (Product Management and Marketing), Nataša Uzmah (Group Marketing), Tjaša Lavbić (Product Management and Marketing), Matej Beguš (Group HR manager)

Val produkcija (TV production)
Poster (video production)


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