12 Sep 2016.
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Branch Office That Feels Like Home

Innovative Croatia Insurance branch office concept

As a part of its entire rebranding process, Croatia osiguranje insurance company needed a new office concept that was created by Brigada. This concept was built around the idea that the branch should feel like a home, emphasizing security and respect. It serves as a place for strengthening the bond with the local community, instead of merely a place for doing business.

This approach for an insurance branch is unique to Croatia, and possibly the world. The idea came after thorough analysis, which included conversations and workshops with employees, managers and board members, and also the local communities.

New branch is now divided into two spatial zones. The Quick Zone is designed as a transactional space, in which a visitor may simply and quickly resolve the basic forms of insurance. The Slow Zone, which is designed to feel like a living room, is intended for individual consultation about other forms of insurance.

All furniture was designed specifically for Croatia osiguranje, with production given exclusively to Croatian manufacturers. In order to unify communication within the space, Brigada created modular walls that can be easily adapted to any room, on which promotional materials can be quickly replaced.

The branches are standardized yet flexible, leaving enough space to adjust to any local demands. Brigada designed five different types of office configurations, depending on size, location, and purpose.



Brigada / Damjan Geber (Creative Director), Ivana Lišnjić (Project Manager), Marina Brletić (Architect), Vlatka Leskovar (Designer), Ana Mažuran Brekalo (Project Manager), Petra Kolarec (Architect), Marko Sančanin (Production Manager)

Croatia osiguranje / Maja Weber (Marketing and Corporate Communications Director for Insurance Strategic Business Unit (Adris group)), Tihomir Vedriš (Independent Marketing Expert), Paola Poljak (Head of Corporate Communications)

Brandoctor (brand strategy) / Anja Bauer Minkara (Senior Brand Consultant), Stipan Rimac (Brand Consultant)

Bruketa&Žinić&Grey (visual identity and communication) / Miran Tomičić (Creative and Art Director), Svjetlana Vukić (Account Director), Tanja Pružek Šimpović (Art Director), Iva Šimunović (Account Executive Senior), Alen Lipuš (Designer), Ivan Čepelak (Copywriter), Vesna Đurašin (Production Manager), Radovan Radičević (Head of DTP/Prepress)
Associates: Damir Bralić (Creative and Art Director), Nikola Đurek (Font Design), Hrvoje Živčić (Lettering and Typography), Tomislav Torjanac (Illustration), Lana Grahek (Design)

Tvin (Furniture)

Domagoj Kunić (Photographer)


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