30 Jun 2016.
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Entering «One Croatian story»

Exhibition design


How to exhibit Adris group, one of the largest Croatian companies, in a contemporary art museum? Hotels, a business district, a fish hatchery, a beach, a factory, company annual reports and expo pavilions – all this needed to be transformed into a unique exhibition on the occasion of presenting the company monograph entitled «One Croatian Story».

adris_dizajn_izlozbe_msu_1 adris_dizajn_izlozbe_msu_2 adris_dizajn_izlozbe_msu_3

The central element were cylinders, recognizable from the previous exhibitions organized by Adris and designed by Brigada (The Culture of Smoking and Weekend Media Festival 2012). The cylinders are shaping more intimate and smaller spaces inside larger ones, enabling visitors to quietly engage with the content away from all the external influence.

adris_dizajn_izlozbe_msu_5 adris_dizajn_izlozbe_msu_6 adris_dizajn_izlozbe_msu_9

This time on the outside plateau of Zagreb’s Contemporary Art Museum, the cylinders varied in dimensions creating an impactful composition that draws attention of the passers by and invites them to come inside. Each a bit different the cylinders are «cracked» and spaced out into a path telling «One Croatian Story.»

adris_dizajn_izlozbe_msu_10 adris_dizajn_izlozbe_msu_11 adris_dizajn_izlozbe_msu_12 adris_dizajn_izlozbe_msu_13 adris_dizajn_izlozbe_msu_14

Brigada / Marina Brletić (Project Manager, Archtect), Damjan Geber (Creative Director), Petra Kolarec (Architect), Ivana Lišnjić (Project Manager)

Domagoj Kunić (Photographer)

exhibition design
Adris grupa

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