10 May 2016.
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How did Brigada redesign Design Week


The third Design Week Zagreb, the largest Croatia’s design event, owes its design to Brigada. In approximately 2000 square meters of a former factory space Brigada has designed a system for displaying four different festival programs using the basic natural materials and optimizing it inside a tight budget.

tdzg_dizajn_festivala_1 tdzg_dizajn_festivala_2 tdzg_dizajn_festivala_3 tdzg_dizajn_festivala_4 tdzg_dizajn_festivala_5 tdzg_dizajn_festivala_6

Programs and Brigada’s design:

  1. Market – shopping stands
  2. Expo – exhibition stands
  3. Schools – student exhibition space
  4. Nordic House – Nordic design exhibition, partner countries of the festival
  5. Lecture stage
  6. Signalization totem
tdzg_dizajn_festivala_7 tdzg_dizajn_festivala_8 tdzg_dizajn_festivala_9 tdzg_dizajn_festivala_10

In the making of each element Brigada used OSB panels, latticework and pallets, designed in order to satisfy the program needs and enable simple transformations.

tdzg_dizajn_festivala_11 tdzg_dizajn_festivala_12

Pedestals are easily adjusted for different purposes: object display, poster hanging, sitting, storage boxes and so on. With a simple intervention, the stands are transformed from a shopping desk to a wardrobe for example.

tdzg_dizajn_festivala_13 tdzg_dizajn_festivala_14 tdzg_dizajn_festivala_15

The Nordic House stands out. It was used for exhibiting the official partner countries design. Inspired with the minimalism of Nordic design white cloth was used and was hung over the suspended latticework. This way the space was split in four parts and the roofs were formed reminiscent of the ones seen in the North European countries.


The spatial organization, design, optimisation of the materials and techniques – all this created a systematic and visually attractive space, proving that the budget doesn’t necessarily need to limit creativity and consistency of the idea.

tdzg_dizajn_festivala_17a tdzg_dizajn_festivala_17b

Brigada / Damjan Geber (Creative Director), Jelena Babić (Architect), Ana Herceg (Designer)

Domagoj Kunić (Photographer)

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Tjedan dizajna Zagreb

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