11 Dec 2015.

Zlatko Šimunović exhibition @ B&Z Zagreb


This December, Bruketa&Žinić OM Zagreb has hosted an exhibition of works by Zlatko Šimunović, a significant but underevaluated Croatian contemporary visual artist. 20 years after his death, this was his first exhibition in a quarter of a century.

Around 15 of his works were exhibited, paintings, sculptures, his signature transformobiles and mobiles, based upon geometric abstractions that make most of his portfolio.


«These works still haven’t been processed, evaluated or introduced properly and need to be restored as well.», said Ratko Janjić-Jobo at the opening, Šimunović’s friend and a painter himself.

«Zlatko Šimunović worked as a revolutionary explorer of his medium, and has been relentless and precise in his persistancy.», he added.

It’s an art that makes your fingers restless, wrote Maja Hrgović, Croatian art journalist.

More here.

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Photo: Domagoj Kunić

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