19 Nov 2015.

The Future in Adris and The Time Vault are the best web marketing campaigns in 2015

Masterweb awards

Masterweb Awards for the best web marketing campaigns were pronounced during the Web::Strategy 16 conference on November 19th in Zagreb. Bruketa&Žinić OM have won two out of three awards for the Future in Adris and The Time Vault campaigns, created with Adris grupa and Zagrebačka banka (UniCredit group in Croatia).

This is what the jury said:

Out of an «ordinary» employment competition Adris has created a campaign that has touched upon a very current issue, and that is the brain drain of young highly educated people in search for a job. To place these ads at the location people are traveling from gives an extra kick to the message that there still is chance for a good job in Croatia and that your family will be happier if you stay here.

The Time Vault has a simple, almost banal message. In a world that changes rapidly, the technology advances fast and every day is more and more uncertain, there is a bank that continues to do business, that’s stabile and secure no matter what’s happening in the world and no matter the changes. The time vault itself, that’s has been locked down for the next 100 years, symbolizes the security which the Bank plans to offer in the future, as it has been doing until now.


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