18 Nov 2015.

Žinić speaker at the Youth Speak Forum

The young need to go wherever is best for them


International student association AISEC has organized a conference “Youth Speak Forum” held on the 12th of November in Zagreb’s Hotel Westin. The central theme of the conference was “Why stay in Croatia?” and Nikola Žinić was one of the speakers.

He looked back at the beginnings of Bruketa&Žinić OM agency by comparing that period with opportunities that lay here for the young today. He pointed out how countries and boarders are not an obstacle and how each young person should go wherever he finds is best for him or her, and that each community should try its best to be competitive and attractive to study, work and live in.


“The subject of brain drain has been talked about in public a lot and we wanted to hear what students and successful entrepreneurs think about it.”, said Helena Vidović, head of the conference organization committee.

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