07 Jul 2015.

Lauren and Wyeth

Interns in Brigada


Brigada team with Lauren (way back in the middle) and Wyeth (sitting in the middle)

Lauren and Wyeth are quite cool, easy going and funny. They like adventures obviously since they came to Zagreb from the University of Cincinnati to do their internship in Brigada, the only international company on the University’s internship list.

They have been in Zagreb for almost two months now and their internship will end this month. Lauren majors in architecture and comes from Dayton, Ohio while Wyeth majors in product design and comes from a small farming town near Madison, Wisconsin.

I’ve learned to work under preassure, says Wyeth. «Usually I get an entire semestar for one project and in Brigada, when a task comes on your desk it needs to be done in an hour.» «I like that in Brigada I didn’t only get small tasks but had an opportunity to come up and share my own ideas», says Lauren.

Wyeth notices how the use of materials is different in Croatian product design. «In the US the range of materials is larger, plastic is big for example, and here it’s almost all in wood.» He thinks though it’s an interesting limitation that makes you think more creatively. On the other hand Lauren likes how Croatian designers are more aware of resources that are available in the area, while in the US that’s not considered so much.

Photo: Domagoj Kunić

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