26 May 2015.

Good idea will always be the key to successful communication

Žinić at “Liders for Liders” conference panel talk


A good idea and creativity will always stay the key factor to achieving good marketing results, said Nikola Žinić at the panel talk focused on changes in the advertising industry and forecasts for the future. The panel was held on May 8th as part of the Liders for Liders conference in Zagreb.

Here are the three points Žinić highlighted:

1. Advertisers in Croatia became much more open to possibilities of digital communication so advertising agencies needed to change in order to offer them better digital solutions. This is the consequence of working in the most challenging time ever with a great number of opportunities for effective market communication. But effectiveness doesn’t work without creativity, which has been proven a number times by the Effie competition.


2. In a way agencies have themselves to blame for cheap solutions which are expected of them, because for years a lot of people have been saying how digital is cheap. Today, when we work with digital as much as with every other channel we realize how digital is actually a very expensive sport because for good solutions you need quality people, and they need to be paid well. We pay for people not for technology.

3. Digital, PR and advertising agencies are coming closer to each other competing for the same territory. PR agencies started to employ copywriters, digital agencies started to employ PR experts, and agencies started to employ digital distributers. It will be interesting to see what will come out of that.



Besides Žinić, the panel included Nikola Vrdoljak from 404 agency, Mario Fraculj from McCann, Jadranka Ivanković from Podravka and Marina Pulišić from JGL.

The topic of conference were trends in business, innovation and growth, gathering the leading managers from the region, entrepreneurs from the ICT, marketing, finances, education and business consulting sector.

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