24 May 2015.

Growth is in Our Nature awarded by European journalists

After being pronounced the best corporate communications project in Croatia, Adris’s annual report awarded at the European level

European Design Awards ceremony was held in Istanbul last night, and Croatian representatives Adris group and Bruketa&Žinić OM are bringing home a silver award for “Growth is in our nature” project. The letter of the president of the management board enlarges its format and typography with every turn of the page. The letter is part of the annual financial report for stockholders, which has already been awarded this year as the best Croatian corporate communications project at the Days of Communication festival.

This is the eighth European Design Award for Bruketa&Žinić OM since the award was founded in 2009, and fifth for projects in collaboration with Adris group. “Adris group wanted to communicate to its stockholders in a clear and creative way how they believe in the future and growth of the company despite the uncertain economic surroundings, and the reactions as well as these awards prove we succeeded.”, said Predrag Grubić, Adris group’s Corporate Communications Director.

The European Design Awards jury consists of journalists and editors from the leading European design publications. Among this year’s jury were for example Norwegian blogger of the year 2013 Veronica Mike Solheim or John L. Walters, editor of the British eye magazine and The Guardian contributor as well as writers and editors from Smashing Magazine, the French Étapes, Swiss IDPURE, German novum, Russian [kAk), and others.

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