25 Feb 2015.

Čep appointed Creative Director

Ivan Čepelak has been in B&Ž for eight years


After eight years and numerous successful projects at B&Ž where he worked as Copywriter, Ivan Čepalak, also known as Čep, was appointed Creative Director. He studied Economics, but  he likes to play with words more than numbers.

Čep worked on projects that won the highest Effie and national level creativity accolades: «The guarantee for a good spritzer» for Studenac, «It’s what we lack that makes us stronger» for Croatian Paralympic Committee, Kraš’s Čoksa, Raiffeisen Bank’s The Singer, KiKi Candy campaign, «Šime’s back» for Eva, Zagrebačka Bank «Time Vault», bio&bio and AutoZubak rebranding campaign and many others. In 2011 Čep was pronounced Copywriter of the Year together with Tanja Škorić.

Photo: Domagoj Kunić

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