25 Feb 2015.

B&Ž started collaborating with the School of Graphics

Lecture on strategic planning and design


A lecture on strategic planning and design for students from the School of Graphics was held in the agency on February 16th by the agency’s Strategic Planner Ivan Tanić and Art Director Nebojša Cvetković.


First Ivan Tanić introduced some of the tools which help designers put a better focus on the idea and explained how to get to final solutions through creative process that suit the real needs of the assignment. The goal was to clarify the background of a good creative solution. Afterwards, Nebojša Cvetković went through a few examples.


At the end of the lecture, students received a brief with an assignment they will solve through the following month while consulting the agency’s art directors. They need to go through different phases of the process like analysis, realisation and presentation.

graficka_skola_4 graficka_skola_5a graficka_skola_6a

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