06 Feb 2015.

B&Z at the 6th Produkteka

B2B product design platform


Bruketa&Žinić OM have participated in the 6th Produkteka, a B2B product design platform that gathered the most prominent designers and packaging producers in Croatia.


Since packaging is the integral part of any product’s successful market performance, the goal of the 6th Produkteka was to get behind the creation, development and technology of some of the most successful and most recognizable packaging designs made in Croatia.


Davor Bruketa presented several solutions by Bruketa&Žinić OM group of agencies for clients ranging from large companies to small eco-producers, and from simple and favorable to technically more demanding solutions. The exhibition and presentation included: Stina wine, Chiavalon and Valtida Piccola olive oil, Čoksa and Dorina Fifty chocolates and Fontana chocolate pralines for Kraš, Jaffo cookies for Jaffa Crvenka, TDR and Broccoli&Ž packaging.


Produkteka also hosted Señor, ManasteriottiMarić, Rational International, Studio 33, Ksenija Jurinec and Izvorka Jurić and others. Kaplast, Istragrafika and other guest producers have explained technological aspects and individual possibilities of production. The event also included a pop-up exhibition and the presentation of a pilot program, the incubator for new product development, devised in collaboration with the Croatian Society of Independent Professionals. It all happened on January 29th in the space of ZgForum.

produkteka7 produkteka2

With the series of quarterly one-day events that function as a creative business incubator for young designers and business projects, the goal of Produkteka is to encourage communication between everyone included in the process of product development and help as many new products to appear on the market as possible.


Photo: Produkteka and Tarik Walid El Kawam / Produkteka (the last one)

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