18 Nov 2014.

New girls and boys in B&Ž and Brlog

Ivana x 2, one Ivan, Lucija and Sandro


Ivana Kraljić, Account Executive

Ladies first. Ivana had her A-HA moment seeing the first Night of the Ad Eaters footage. It was love at first sight and the rest is history. She loves Haruki Murakami and finally got her hands on all of his books this summer. Since then, she says, nothing is the same.


Ivana Conjar, Account Executive

This Ivana was marked the most by going to study and work in Chicago as well as solo backpacking in Thailand. Hats of for the courage! When not traveling around the globe Ivana writes short stories, cooks creams and stirres essential oils in a DIY manner.



Lucija Zvonar, Account Executive

Lucija is a sporty. She has been training table tennis for seven years so we can expect interesting duals during the agency’s tournaments. Will she take Waldinger off his throne? At least once a week she visits the cinema and she spends quite a lot of time with Coursera courses, the online educational platform.



Ivan Pavičić, Copywriter

I spend my free time sleeping because I get tired quickly from trying to find hobbies, says Ivan. Still, he can’t get enough of playing with the agency dogs so he soon became their best colleague. Ivan loves American football and the last best thing he has seen was the match between Denver and San Francisco.



Sandro Dujmenović, Art Director, Brlog

Sandro was already officially introduced. Unofficially  – Sandro as a true digital guy answers questions in a short and simple manner :)

What was the last thing you have read/seen/listened to that you liked?

Interstellar. With a dot.

What are you up to in your spear time?

Listen in to music, exchanging jokes, human2human interaction.

What influenced you the most?

I think that didn’t happen yet.

Well, Sandro, we wish you many great and fun influences here in the agency:)


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