17 Oct 2014.
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AutoZubak Neostar Repair Shops

Brigada built car repair and used car shops all over Croatia


AutoZubak Neostar repair shops for all car brands and used cars retail service is the first branded environment project of its kind in the region. It was built with the goal of communicating tradition, experience and trust established by AutoZubak during its 35 years of doing business, and to also introduce new values which will contribute to a more modern and friendly brand image.


Brigada was hired for the job and the client wanted their repair shops to be buildings which communicate brand values the same way their logo or ads do.


The goal was to build a more pleasant, opened and friendly space, and the challenge was to design a typified building functioning equally well in different land lots and different cities, each one having their specific requirements.


The outside form of the building is in line with the shape of the logo and represents a striking spatial marker, dominant on the location. It’s a typified modular building, two-part or three-part, freestanding, leaning or incorporated in the existing architecture, depending on the land lot. The inside is divided into several units one being the part for car examination, then the waiting room and the sales office.

Neostar_servisi_6 Neostar_servisi_7 Neostar_servisi_16

The dominant color is red, as the main brand color, making the space warmer and more friendly, also because of funny dialogues between characters made of auto-parts, taken from the visual identity, which were put on the walls and on the net where the same characters are made out of genuine auto-parts. Since it is a repair shop, not a showroom, the idea was to keep the crude elements so the construction remained visible, and the dominant materials are steel and glass allowing a lot of working light in.

Neostar_servisi_8 Neostar_servisi_9

In order to contribute to the desired transparency and the sense of trust, without any shady deals, all service packages are displayed as in fast food restaurants, with the exact cost and service description, together with damaged and new car parts side-by-side to explain the difference easily.

Neostar_servisi_10 Neostar_servisi_11

Beside the architecture, interior design and spatial communication, Brigada designed most of the furniture, and the rest of it is of domestic origin as well. The entire project with the first six buildings was made in just six months, and the work continues all over Croatia.

Neostar_servisi_12 Neostar_servisi_13 Neostar_servisi_15 Neostar_servisi_17

Brigada / Damjan Geber (Creative Director), Marina Brletić (Architect), Dominik Cergna (Product Designer), Ivana Validžić (Project Manager)

Jurica Sinković (Architect)

AutoZubak / Dimitrije Trbović (CEO), Žaklina Trbović (Board Member in charge of Marketing)

Prostor EKO (Project Execution Planners) / Maja Carek (Project Manager)

Domagoj Kunić, Domagoj Blažević (Photographers)

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