16 Oct 2014.

7 tips from an expert account director

Written by Zorana Šafar, Bruketa&Žinić OM Account Director


Provide the necessary info

Ask you agency to send you a list of questions they want you to answer or a form you can fill in. If you don’t write the brief they will write it for you. Are you ready to accept that?

You have conducted internal or external research? Share it with your agency

The agency is especially interested in the motifs for purchase, all human whishes and needs that can be related to your product or service because this will lead them to a more effective solution.

Roughly planned budget

A project without a budget is like flying blind. With info about the budget and desired goal of communication the agency can suggest concrete options. When the agency thinks it has enough money for a high quality TV ad production, but finds out later there’s even not enough money for broadcasting it, we can only start everything from the very beginning. The agency will not charge you more just because it knows your rough budget plans, the cost gets larger when they don’t know it.


Deadlines which enable the best possible solutions

Creative process gives better results when the agency has enough time to sleep on it and evaluate the idea before presenting it to you.

Decide what you want to communicate – define your focus and the key message

The level of perception and understanding of the message is inversely proportional to the amount of details that need to be communicated.

Creativity in service of efficiency – it’s everyone’s goal

Get involved in the process, work together with the agency, create extraordinary project and results together.

What about something outside the brief?

Try giving your agency 5% of your annual marketing budget and trust them to create a self-initiated project.



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