09 Oct 2014.

Brigada Satellites in eco-design book

Art Without Waste by Rockport


Going green, eco-friendly, upcycling … these are all terms that reference a new consciousness that has been gaining momentum throughout the world, and these changes depict a cultural and economic shift away from mass consumption toward a greater conservation of the Earth’s limited resources, writes Patty Wonkpakdee in the editorial of the book Art Without Waste – 500 up cycled & earth friendly designs.

This is yet another Rockport Publishing project whose richly illustrated books represent collections of the best global designs. This edition brings a collection of creative recycling and re-imagination of daily objects.


Inside the book projects like the well-known Quai Branly Museum in Paris with a wall garden instead of facade can be found, or glasses made of old vinyl records by Vinylize, an up-and-coming brand. Also, the book showcases a Duch TU Delft architecture library with tables made of old books, watches made of old skateboards, pluto cap sofas and many other dynamic shapes one could never imagine before. Among the published ideas is a chandelier made of satellite dishes, created by Brigada for the agency office.


Patty K. Wongpakdee is a New York City-based graphic artist and a tenured associate professor of graphic design at New York Institute of Technology. She worked as an art director in Ernst & Young and her clients included CBS, General Electric, IBM and MaxMara.

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