17 Sep 2014.

B&Ž interns

Barbara, Filip, Matea, Nina and Robert


Filip Dobrović, account intern in the Logical Place team

As a boy, Filip wanted to be a repairman, but life brought him into marketing. Tough break, Filip. He loves sarma (Croatian version of cabbage rolls) and in his spare time he volunteers for Croatian Debate Association, so if you start a discussion with him, it’s likely he’ll distroy you with arguments.


Barbara Boban, account intern in the Bugs team

Barbara wanted to be a veterinarian as a girl, and as you can see from the photo, the love for animals is still strong. She’s a big fan of mexican food and gangster movies – a great combination BTW. When she’s not in search for her final thesis topic, Barbara designs clothes and interiors.


Robert Petrović Vlahov, strategic intern

Robert is a big fan of superheroes so as a kid he fantasized about being Batman (without the part when he loses his parents of course). Today, he gave up the idea, at least we hope so, but still he practices Krav Maga so don’t kid around with him. In 10 years time he sees himself in a position which doesn’t exist yet. Good lick with that Robert.


Matea Prce, copywriter intern in the Bugs team

Matea wanted to be a singer – sorry, a performing artist. The love for singing is still here so you can hear her in the Ivan Goran Kovačić University Choir. When not singing, she walks her dog Nobby, dances and paints, talk about multitasking!


Nina Sepčić, designer intern in the Logical Place team

Nina likes to say she’s in B&Ž to keep the chairs warm. She studied graphic design and just loves chocolate. She recently engaged in calligraphy but because all of her obligations hasn’t got the time for it lately. In a month or so she’ll go to do her internship in Madrid. Well, good luck to you Nina!



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