04 Sep 2014.
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Zrno Bio Bistro

A linkage with the eco estate


Zrno Bio Bistro uses only ecologically grown groceries from the Zrno Eco Estate. It is the first eco estate in Croatia only 55 kilometers away from the city of Zagreb in a small village Habijanovec which is providing the bistro with fresh food every day.


Brigada’s assignment was to redecorate the existing space with a goal of creating a link between the bistro and the estate, and creating the feeling of comfort that results with people wanting to spend more time in the bistro.

zrno_2 zrno_3

The space is divided into three zones. The first one is a high seating area, intended for a shorter stay and for food needing less time to prepare. Visually attractive and functional wall coverings have been used, enabling unlimited number of wooden boards to be added, creating shelves wherever necessary.

zrno_4a zrno_4b zrno_8 zrno_4c zrno_4d

Low seating area is in the second zone with a bench kept from the previous interior design. The new way of seating, dimmed lights, details such as the black wooden board for information, the wooden wall covering filled with plants and herbs and photos from the estate create an overall integrated and comfortable space.

zrno_5 zrno_6a zrno_6b zrno_7

The third area is designed as a more intimate space. Natural linen fabric was used to cover the sealing and for a hand drawn map showing the distance between the bistro and the Zrno Eco Estate. Here, photos in antique frames cover the walls. The owners have put in extra effort to find them and avoid conventional buying or making new ones.

zrno_9a zrno_9b zrno_10

The space is covered in materials not usually seen in bistros. Wood, linen and jute were used for coverings and base for writing and drawing. Masonite boards became menus and scraps of wood leftovers became the reserved signs.

zrno_11a zrno_11b zrno_12

Brigada / Damjan Geber (Creative Director), Ena Tadej (Architect), Ivana Validžić (Production Manager)

Frane Fabris/moja4zida and David Pejić (Photographers)

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Zrno bio bistro

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