22 Jul 2014.
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Work place design for SPAN

Pixels in an office space

brigada span01_blur

SPAN is a leading Croatian company in providing professional service in design and information system. The first phase of the project focuses on the whole new ground floor area with the 24/7 office space and the reception as well as parts of the first floor.

brigada span03y Stitched Panoramabrigada span04a brigada span06a

By removing the previous sloped ceiling, all the existing walls and barriers, an open space with the maximum height has been achieved. All the installations and the concrete load bearing elements are now left exposed. The lines of the suspended lighting and lattice barriers highlight the length of the ground floor and divide it into three zones.

brigada span05_blur2

The lattice barrier physically divides, yet visually connects the zones and carries the shelves, cabinets and electric channels. In that way it functions as an open barrier and a shelf which could be continuously modified since the cabinets can be added, moved or removed according to the need and number of employees.

Stitched Panorama brigada span03

The opening or closing of the visual space between the coworkers is thus made possible. The barrier is also intended for placing the screen, and due to its modular bar connection its primary frame can be upgraded or reduced or even new aisles can be created, the existing ones closed etc.

brigada span09 brigada span10

Apart from forming the functional working space the goal of the project was to communicate the company’s high technological work, and connect it with natural materials. Having that in mind, the shelves and the floor structure resemble the pixels and hardware computer components, while the materials used range from concrete and steel to plywood , with primary colours – red, yellow and SPAN – blue.

brigada span19 brigada span17

Brigada / Damjan Geber (Creative Director), Marina Brletić (Architect)

Lorenzo Cetina, Ivica Vršić, Ivan Erkić (Designers)

Domagoj Blaževići (Photographer)

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