16 Jul 2014.

The future of outdoor advertising

By Siniša Waldinger, the agency’s Creative Director


Outdoor advertising and the billboard as its most prominent representative has gone a long way since 1850 when it appeared for the first time. Today it is still an important part of the media mix with an increase of investments in it. It’s a medium with a rich history but a challenging future as well which has a lot to do with the adoption of modern technologies that have made a grand entrance into all spheres of advertising. Outdoor advertising will still be relevant precisely because of its ability to transform itself from a static, monolith poster to an interactive medium, with digital billboards as just the beginning  – contextual advertising, multisensory messages integrating all five senses or gesture-based advertising reacting to movement will turn the billboard into our smartphone’s best friend.

Siniša Waldinger, Creative Director, Bruketa&Žinić OM

Part of this text has been published in the business weekly Lider.

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