18 Jun 2014.
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Brigada’s parasol made of fishing net

Design for tourism applying local crafts and materials


The expert jury of the Croatian Designers Society has chosen Brigada’s project Zvizdan, together with six more projects, to be part of the exhibition Design Under the Sun. The idea behind the exhibition is to emphasize the importance of sustainable design in tourism and to create high quality and professionally designed projects in this segment.


Zvizdan is actually a parasol that could be made of Pag lace, Mljet weir, fishing net or knitted birch and it can also be used as the basis for furniture or souvenirs manufacturing or the like.

The competition is carried out in two phases with 14 authors and 24 projects which have applied. Phase one included the selection process of ten concepts which should become prototypes in the phase two.


The selected projects will be traveling through Croatian and international festivals such as Sofia Design Week, Vienna Design Week, Skopje Design Week or Paris Design Week.


Design Under the Sun is an extension of similar projects by Croatian Designers Society such as Croatian Holiday 2012 and Hungry Designers 2013, all tied to design concepts for tourism. The entire project is all about including high quality products in tourism, strengthen design as its key segment and strengthen the strategy for sustainable local manufacturing.

zvizdan_1 zvizdan_2 zvizdan_3

Brigada / Damjan Geber (Creative Director), Dominik Cergna (Designer)

Brlog / Srđan Laterza (Copywriter)

Tonči Klarić (Creative Director)

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