26 May 2014.

Adris’s egg has hatched Silver

European Design Awards 2014: Editors of the leading European communication design publications awarded the Adris Foundation Monograph


The European Design Awards ceremony was held last weekend in Cologne where panel of judges was made up of editors from the leading European communication design publications published their results. The Adris Foundation Monograph created by Bruketa&Žinić OM in collaboration with the Adris group won Silver in the corporate publications category.


Its innovative design is also specific because of the demanding production technique that was used, where Cerovski Print Boutique was an important partner.

The European Design Awards is the most significant communication design review in Europe unique because it is organized by professional design media. So, the panel members are journalists like John L. Walters, editor-in-chief of the British Eye Magazine, Bettina Schulz from novum, an international magazine based in Germany, Michel Chanaud from the French Étapes as well as the editors from the Swiss IDPURE, Dutch Vormberichten, Russian [kAk), Czech TYPO, Spanish Visual, Finnish Grafia, Greek +design, Swedish Cap&Design and Italian Progetto Grafico. After being held in the European capitals Helsinki, Rotterdam, Stockholm and Belgrade, this year’s eighth award ceremony was held in Cologne.

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