07 Apr 2014.
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Croatia osiguranje campaign

Car insurance

Croatia Osiguranje (CO) is one of the oldest Croatian insurance companies celebrating 130 years of existence. A recognizable symbol of this tradition is its plate/tag visible on the facades of many Croatian houses. This plate/tag becomes an integral part of the campaign.

The campaign wanted to bring public attention back to CO, to remind people of its long history and of positive associations tied to it.

The TV ad shows a typical car accident through different time periods with a popular Croatian actor Janko Popović Volarić in the leading role.

Croatia osiguranje / Hrvoje Odak (Marketing and Corporate Communications Director), Saša Pribanić (Corporate Designer), Tihomir Vedriš (Independent Marketing Consultant), Velimir Ljubić (Digital Editor)

Bruketa&Žinić OM / Dragan Lakićević, Siniša Waldinger, Davor Bruketa (Creative Directors), Ivan Tanić (Strategic Planner), Zrinka Jugec (Account Director), Nebojša Cvetković (Art Director), Ivan Čepelak, Lana Mujičić (Copywriter), Radovan Radičević (DTP)

Pakt media (TV Production)

Bruno Anković (Director)

Croatia osiguranje

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