22 Mar 2014.
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Donate your error 404 page to search&rescue

Brlog’s online campaign

Brlog digital agency has initiated a Lost Page campaign for Croatian Search&Rescue Team (GSS). The idea is to encourage people and companies in Croatia to donate their Error 404 page, appearing when we get lost on the internet, to the Search&Rescue Team, and by doing that to support those who give their best by volunteering in order to find people lost in inaccessible areas of the real world.

The campaign has no time limitation and its goal is to increase public awareness about the Search&Rescue Team’s efforts and value.

The campaign won Effie award for marketing effectiveness as well as Best of Show award at the national digital communication competition MIXX.

Brlog / Tonči Klarić, Tin Kadoić (Creative Directors), Sanja Tubak, Mario Lončarić (Developers), Srđan Laterza (Copywriter), Jasna Manzoni (Project Manager)

Bruketa&Žinić OM / Jelena Mihelčić (PR Manager)

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Hrvatska gorska služba spašavanja
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