29 Oct 2013.

Today is better than ever

Žinić in a panel about advertising in Ljubljana


A panel discussion entitled Advertising: How ideas create stories? was organized on the Stage 180° as part of the Month of Design in Ljubljana. Nikola Žinić was among the participants together with Marko Majer from Mayer McCann, Aljoša Bagola from Pristop, Drago Mlakar from Publicis, Boro Kolarič from Sinhro and Boštjan Napotnik from Futura DDB.

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The discussion was mainly about how it used to be to work in advertising, how it is today, and what about the future. Each of the participants had a short lecture about their experience and of course the discussion tackled with the entire advertising market.

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“I think today is better than ever, but I don’t look at it from the financial point of view but from an angle showing how it’s more inspiring today, we have more opportunities than ever and we can do extraordinary things.”, said Žinić and added “Yes it used to be good, but that wasn’t realistic. Everyone was spending more than they had, it was a bubble waiting to burst. Brands and agencies have spent more than needed and it backfired on us. Today, the budges may well be smaller but are more realistic in relation to the context and the market in general. Our job is to make the best of it.”


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