27 Sep 2013.

The art of impossible – doing business in the region

Davor Bruketa as panel moderator at Weekend Media Festival


A panel entitled The Art of Impossible – Doing Business in the Regions was held during Weekend Media Festival in Rovinj, Croatia, as part of the BalCannes project co-organized by HURA (Croatian Association for Market Communication). Bruketa&Žinić OM Creative Director Davor Bruketa moderated the panel hosting the directors from some of the largest advertising agencies in the region: Sašo Pešev (New Moment, Macedonia), Primož Pusar (Pristop, Slovenia), Zdenka Milanović (McCann Belgrade, Serbia), Senad Zaimović (Fabrika, Bosnia and Hercegovina) and Andrea Šumanovac (Unex, Croatia).

The panel participants discussed servicing regional clients, joining markets, business in the region, challenges of specific markets and similar topics, but the key topic was how to achieve growth in the context of market cuts and what are the plans of specific agencies.


According to what’s been said, each agency found its own model. Some started doing business in other countries by opening their own branch offices or by buying other agencies, while others tried to acquire new jobs through global networks they are part of, some followed their clients who expanded to other markets or developed new services at home. Everyone seems to be trying to export to other markets or beyond the region and that’s where the greatest potential of growth and development lies.


Decrease of business activities is the main challenge for agencies in the region, says Bruketa and adds: “As an answer to this challenge a great deal of business initiatives is happening that will strengthen our industry, make it more competitive and open the doors to more lucrative markets. Either we’re going to find new buyers outside our usual playground or we’ll cease to exist. Everyone knows it. The strengthening of export is the only way out for most of the companies and ad agencies are no exception. In this context, the leading agencies of the region are less and less competitors and more partners in the epic endeavor of saving the marketing industry in the region.”

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