21 Aug 2013.
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Domen Wierdo

Campaign for the Austrian Cineplexx

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In 2012 Austrian Cineplexx took over Planet Tuš cinemas and needed to communicate this fact to Slovenian public. The agency had to introduce Cineplexx as modern cinemas in family ownership, cinemas using high technology for showing the newest movies.

Because of their different approach and high technology, the campaign needed to have a different approach as well. Most of the campaign used online channels with a bunch of content in order to create a relationship with consumers. Short webisodes were the leading content, offering fun without the brand being intrusive.

Here’s where Domen Čuden (a Slovenian name translated literally as Domen Wierdo) came in as the storyteller and campaign exponent. He’s a bit peculiar and he decided to move into Cineplexx out of his love for movies. By a happy combination of circumstances, he came to conclusion how he can find everything he needs in the movie theater, from food, hygiene to movies and comfort.

Webisodes followed his life in Cineplexx and interesting details that happened to him on this voyage. The webisodes were uploaded on YouTube in regular intervals, and Domen Čuden was also published in more classic advertising forms like banners and print ads. He also ran his blog where he wrote about his adventures.

Domen’s story communicated in a noticeable and memorable way, fulfilling its mission to promote Cineplexx as a new brand on the market.

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Video case study:

Bruketa&Žinić OM / Tanja Škorić (Creative Director), Zorana Šafar (Account Director), Marko Matijašević, Vanja Činić (Copywriters), Davor Rukovanjski (Art Director), Damir Mazinjanin, Sanja Ivan (Designer), Svjetlana Vukić (Account Executive Senior), Marko Ostrež (DTP)

Cineplexx / Tanja Mantz (Head of Marketing ), Dajana Berbič (Marketing Coordination International), Vesna Lipovčič (Marketing Manager Slovenia), Mateja Kodermac (Key Account Manager Slovenia)

Brlog (Digital Agency)

Organizacija – Zagreb (BTL Promotions)

Agencija Majda Vrhovnik (Media & PR agency)

Supermarket Productions (Video & Audio Production)

Infuzija d.o.o. with Jurij Zrnec (Creative support)

Gregor Hočevar (Photographer)



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