22 Jul 2013.

Brokula&Ž for bio&bio, MSU, MFF

New partnerships of a clothing brand made of organically grown raw materials


Former workers of the Kamensko factory are just about to finish sewing the first shipments of work aprons for bio&bio stores staff. This marks the beginning of a new business partnership between two Croatian companies oriented towards eco-business – Brokula&Ž clothing brand made of organically grown raw materials and bio&bio eco-products stores. Besides the bio&bio special edition, Brokula&Ž aprons are now part of the new permanent Brokula&Ž collection, available in bio&bio stores and Brokula&Ž flagship store in Teslina street, Zagreb.


“Bio&bio stores are guided by ecological and ethical principles so the collaboration with Brokula&Ž, with whom we share those principles, was a logical choice. We consider how it is very important to join forces with local partners who encourage sustainable economy, and we try to do so ourselves. The collaboration with Brokula&Ž is also special because of the personal preference of bio&bio staff for Brokula&Ž products, and Brokula&Ž staff who are loyal customers of bio&bio.”, said Žana Hinek, bio&bio Stores Manager and Biovega Sales and Marketing Manager.

“Collaboration with bio&bio stores is the extension of Lacuna’s experience in corporate clothing, Lacuna being the co-founder of Brokula&Ž.”, said Zoran Šainović, Brokula&Ž’s CEO.


This summer, Brokula&Ž are also starting their collaboration with Zagreb’s Museum of Contemporary Art by making an exclusive collection for their gift shop, as well as for Motovun Film Festival.


Brokula&Ž brand was launched last September by Bruketa and Žinić in partnership with Lacuna textile company. More about Brokula&Ž clothing here.


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