08 Jul 2013.
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Take Me Home

Pop-up retail corners for Croatian designer objects


Take Me Home is an online Croatian design shop, selling variety of items from different local designers and artists.


When TMH decided to go offline we created flexible pop-up corners which follow the idea of bringing home those nice little things that Take Me Home offers. So if you travel to Croatia and want to take home these cool souvenirs, they will have to fit in your suitcase. Displaying the products in simple suitcase-looking objects was a logical way to go.


Plywood suitcases are designed in three basic dimensions, each one fitting into the bigger one. In the end you can fit all of them into just a few biggest ones. Depending on the space available, the number of suitcase sets changes, making it easy to adjust to all possible types of locations.

take_me_home_4 take_me_home_5

Take Me Home was fully involved in bringing this idea to realization, upgrading the design with variety of retro handles, buckles and details making them cozy and homey, just like they want their future store to feel like.


Brigada / Damjan Geber (Creative Director), Marina Brletić (Architect)

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Take Me Home
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