05 Jul 2013.

Cannes top 5

Nikola Žinić has chosen his favorite Cannes Lions winners


Nikola Žinić has chosen his favorite Cannes Lions winners:

There were some really great projects among this year’s Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity winners. They are all masterpieces, each in its own way. Even though it was not easy to choose, here is my top 5:



Dumb Ways to Die (Metro Trains)

Simple, catching, fun, effective, great execution, nice message, 360 degrees communication, over 5 million views on YouTube!


Offroad (Smart)

An ad that has turned a flaw into advantage :)

No. 3

The gap in the market (KBC)

A useful thing for start-ups. They could export this idea. Great!

No. 4

Meet the Superhumans (Channel 4 Paralympics)

I’m an ambassador of Croatian paralympic sportsmen and I’ve met some excellent ones, and we are also creating a new campaign for them. This is a special challenge for all of us. Meet the Superhumans is a great project. The music, directing, montage, and all of the superhumas. It’s what we lack that makes us stronger!

No. 5

The Ant Rally (WWF)

So simple and effective.




In the football category where there were some great projects, this is my favorite one. I don’t think I need to explain…

My Blood is Red and Black (Hemoba / Esporte Clube Vitória Football Team)


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