02 May 2013.

Evolutionary psychologist at the B&Ziness School

Igor Mikloušić from the Ivo Pilar Institute held a lecture for the agency


Evolutionary psychologist Igor Mikloušić held a lecture as part of the B&Žinsess School program about What do people want? What are we dreaming about, what do we remember, what will we surrender to instantly and forget about the norms and plans and what are we falling for?


Mikloušić is a psychologist working at the Ivo Pilar Institute for Social Science and teaching at the University of Zagreb Croatian Studies. He did a part of his masters degree research at the Oxford University Centre for Anthropology and Mind and since recently he has been writing a blog called The Darwin’s Confessionals for Jutarnji list. His scientific interest is the evolution – from morals, virtues and cooperation to consumer psychology.

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