08 Apr 2013.

Brokula&Ž in the Mikser House

The agency’s brand of eco-clothing available in a new design space in Belgrade

mikser_house_1 mikser_house_2

Mikser House – Balkan Design Centre opened its doors in Belgrade’s Savamala quarter last week, where one can also find Brokula&Ž products. Mikser House is a multifunctional space joining together a design shop, with products from all over the Balkan region, and other commercial activities with the space for different cultural and social events.

mikser_house_3 mikser_house_4a mikser_house_4b

The center is located in a former steel factory transformed into a modern interior. Mikser House is meant to be a gathering place of the regional design scene that has been fostered by the Mikser Festivals for several years, trying to achieve recognition for the creative potential of the entire Balkan region.

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