25 Mar 2013.

Vine and how it’s used by brands

We talked about this more and more popular social network with Tin Kadoić, Creative Director of our digital agency Brlog


At the beginning of 2013 Twitter has launched its new mobile service Vine that soon became one of the top stories in the tech-media as well as the ones covering advertising. Just like Twitter where we communicate in 140 characters, Vine is used for communicating in short 6 seconds videos. It didn’t take long for the online community to start competing who will be more creative in using this format, and brands didn’t fall behind either. We talked about this more and more popular social network with Tin Kadoić, Creative Director of our digital agency Brlog.

How does Vine work and what is the difference between Vine and a regular online video?

Is it for Twitter users only?

What are the advantages and faults compared for example with a 30 second TV ad?

The production quality is the main fault, the reason why video still hasn’t achieved it’s Instagram-isation. Definitely the main advantages of this social network are the 6-seconds limitation as well as the possibility of recording without continuation.

Some say Vine is getting Twitter closer to Tumblr, which could help Twitter with  the so-called Generation Y – what’s your opinion?

Visually attractive materials are the main advantages of Tumblr – Twitter on the other hand, no matter the possibilities, is still perceived as a textual platform. One has to read something first in order to open the link to see a multimedia content.

How can brands use this? Any good examples?

Brands can use this for creating interesting and relevant content in a form that’s easily acceptable and available, for example teasers, announcements, behind the scenes, how-to, stop-motions etc.

Follow these links for some examples:


Laurence Caro

A short while ago, Mashable started a #6secondpitch project for start-ups. It’s a contest where start-ups are invited to explain their ideas through a 6 second Vine video. Five contestants that are chosen, three most retweeted and two of their choice, receive media space on Mashable and some other media to present them selves in more detail. Your opinion?

An excellent idea on how to turn the given media specifications into advantage. Just as presenting books or movies, one sentence is enough :)

What would you recommend to the advertisers: do-s and don’t-s on Vimeo?

Create interesting content that’s current  – and what’s most important, just start!

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